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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Date Night

The other day, Alex took me out on a HOT date, to a pizza joint called "Bambinos". I haven't had pizza in so long. Yes, you can get pizza here in Japan. However, depending on where you go, you can end up with some pretty unusual things on top of your pizza. How does squid or octopus sound? Mmmm yummy right? So, you think that's weird?? It gets worst!! How about a runny egg, smack dab in the middle of your pizza!!! 

Now, with all of that being said, I can say Bambino’s pizza was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE THAT. Trust Me! Otherwise, I wouldn't have eaten there. It was very westernized and full of things that looked familiar to me on the menu. Oh yeah, did I mention how intimate and romantic the setting was? The place was dimly lit with candles and only a few seating areas. It was a perfect spot for a first date, however this wasn’t quite our first date.

Anyway, I ordered a small pepperoni pizza and Alex had seafood pasta. Now, tell me why....when my pizza arrived it looked like a plate swimming in cheese. KNIFE AND FORK PLEASE!! I never thought in a million years, I could have toooooo much cheese on a pizza. I couldn’t even see the freaking pepperoni for goodness sakes. Geeez!!! Get this though…. My small pizza cost $15.00 (USD) and was only the size of a Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut!! So, how much do you think it cost for a large pizza and might I add the large here is about a medium size there in the states??...................Yep, $30.00!! It definitely makes you appreciate the prices Stateside. 

As expected though, the pizza was pretty good and quite filling too. The cheese definitely played a big role in that. Overall, the night was pleasant. It ended with both of us crashed out on the couch and tummy's full to capacity. Did someone say I-TIS...........

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