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Monday, June 22, 2009

I Think I Need Help???

Okay, since I have been in Japan and working I have become more and more of a shoe addict. I know there are people out there that love shoes, but I think my feelings and there feelings about shoes are different. I get jittery and a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach when I fall in love with a pair of shoes. Call me crazy if you like, but I just love shoes!! With that being said, I have gotten 6 pairs of shoes within 2 months. I KNOW!! I KNOW!! I KNOW!! I'VE GOTTA DO BETTER!!. To make matters worst, I have fallen in love again with another pair of shoes that I really want badly!! ARGH!! THE PRESSURE!!!

Well, the other day I was in Zara (favorite store) and came across a pair of shoes that looked similar to a pair I left back home in the states. I COULDN'T RESIST!! I NEEDED THEM!! They were only 40.00 bucks!! So, my BF got them for me........ YAY!!

These are the shoes I have fallen in love with below......


  1. Thanks for blogging again! I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve those shoes (on your feet)! I'm really jealous now!


  2. No Prob!! I figured since I have some free time, now would be a good time to start it back up again!! YAY!!