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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mr. ExtraorDANary @ Starbucks!

Today, while at Starbucks in Fuchu, I sat right beside this black guy without even noticing it. I didn't realize he was sitting across from me because he was speaking in Japanese (very impressive). It wasn't until I heard that same voice start to speak in English, so of course I turned and looked and there he was Mr. ExtraorDANary.

Well, it turned out, he was teaching a Japanese lady how to pronounce certain words in English. Anyway, as you may already know, I am a major stickler when it comes to the pronunciation and enunciation of words.

So, while I was diligently doing some work and sipping on my nice hot cup of "Brazilian" blend coffee, I overheard the guy explaining how to pronounce the word "Extraordinary" but the wrong way!! A little disturbed and wanting to correct him, I had to bite my tongue and say "KMD, let the man do his thing." He told the lady to pronounce the word as {Ex-tra-or- DAN- nary} instead of {Ex-tra-or-DIN-nary}. I know!! I know!! No Big Deal Right??

Well, this made me think about how many foreigners come to the U.S. not knowing how to speak English correctly and this is the very reason WHY!!! I mean it's just like one of my co-workers, teaching the kids that the letters "Th" together at the end of a word makes a "F" sound. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? See, it's these sort of things that just bug the crap out of me. Geeez!! Come on Native English speakers, lets get it together!! For real!!


  1. This word brings back so many memories of working at our old job. Remember when I told you our supervisor got on to me because I broke the word down by syllables? I forgot why I did that. I think I did it because people weren't understanding a doggone thing I said. So, I would slow the word down for them to understand...hehehe. I was pissed when she came to correct me. I'm getting off the subject at hand...Yes, you are right! But, you have to remember Americans mess up words for a reason. We all pronunciate certain words differently. The english language is just too confusing and complicated.

  2. Lol!! Don't I remember the days!! Yeah, but your so right!! American's can jack up some words and our language is extremely confusing lol!!