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Thursday, September 24, 2009

1-2-3-4!! 4 Days Off!!

Yay!! No work for the next 4 days. Oh how the time is gonna fly as it usually does.....Argh! However, I plan to make the best of it. Tomorrow, I am going to be relaxing during the day and later in the evening some of my friends will be coming over for dinner. They requested curry chicken and rice and for dessert I will be making a cherry cheese cake. Yummy right? I'm looking forward to it!!

On Saturday night, I am going out to a Reggae Party.

Sunday, I might be going to Tokyo's electronic city Akihabara to look for an I-pod because mine is messing up.

And Monday, it looks like I will be meeting up with two of my friends at one of the local coffee shops in Fuchu.

Anyway, I promise to keep you posted as the days unfold.

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