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Thursday, September 3, 2009

An Empty Belly Will Make You Do the Darnest Things...

Today was supposed to be my day off; however I am working for my friend who has left for Australia for a few weeks. The day has been, well, let’s just say better than yesterday. I slept in a little later than usual and I took my time getting ready for work and eating breakfast.

Anyway, today after I finished teaching one of my classes, I decided to go eat lunch somewhere different. I went to a really nice restaurant that was on the top floor of this building overlooking the city of Kokubunji (pronounced KO-KUE-BUN-GEE). It was such a beautiful sight. I had to share it with you.

Once I made it to the top and was seated with my menu, I discovered I was in for a surprise (literally). Can someone tell me why the entire menu was written in Kanji (Japanese writing) as expected, BUT there were absolutely NO PICTURES!! JUST MY LUCK HUH!! I mean, seriously, what restaurant does that?? Now, usually when I go to a restaurant here, they have tons of pictures and I usually point to what I want and chow down. NOT TODAY!! AHHHHH!!! What the hell? At first, I thought about leaving, but then I decided SHOOOT I'M TOO HUNGRY!! So, I did the unthinkable. Yep, you guessed it!! I CLOSED MY EYES AND STUCK OUT MY POINTER FINGER AND CHOSE SOMETHING!!

And....... WAH- LAH!! MY MEAL!
I didn't do too bad huh!!

It was actually very good. I ended up having fried rice, pickled SOMETHING (LOL), egg drop soup, and pudding with jam in the middle. Considering how picky I am, you must believe me when I tell you it was Good!!



WOW! WHAT A LUNCH.........

After all of that, I decided to stop by Starbucks and relax for a little while before my next class!! Three more hours left of work and then I am OUT OF HERE!! YIPPEE!!

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