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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fashion in Japan.........

I always get asked "What's the fashion like in Japan?" My answer…………..DIFFERENT!! I believe it all boils down to whatever you want to wear goes. Now, when I say "WHATEVER" I mean WHATEVER!!! For the longest, my eyebrows were always raised with a question ....“What were they thinking when they put that on?” However, after being here for over a year, my eyebrows have lowered and a permanent crease has been left above my forehead!! Lol!! Just kidding!! Let's just say, now I look at fashion differently. I’ve learned that you can’t look at fashion with a judgmental eye. I mean seriously, who or what defines fashion anyway……….

Top 20 Must-haves for Women living in Japan

1. An over the shoulder handbag

2. Leggings-black, zipped on the side, denim, ripped, or studded

3. Tights-jet black, purple, patterned, or thick cotton

4. Manicured nails

5. Blush

6. Long eyelashes

7. Boots-over the knee, ankle, or Ugg’s

8. Plaid shirts

9. As many skirts as you can possibly have in different styles

10. Hair scrunchies (oh yes!! I said scrunchies!! These are major sellers here!! And might I add, very expensive!!)

11. Oversized sweaters or shirts

12. A Samantha Thavasa bag

13. Anna Sui cosmetics

14. Studded-purses, shoes, or clothes

15. Overalls

16. Boyfriend jeans

17. Denim- shirts, jackets, or vest

18. Flat laced-up Oxfords

19. Shorts – fringed, rolled up, or denim (paired with tights)

AND LASTLY.............

20. Jodhpur pants

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