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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Top 3 1/2 Oscar Winners for 2010.....

And the 2010 Oscar Nomination for Best Actress goes to *Drum roll please*____________!!!


Did you really think this was going to be a post about who I thought should win Oscar awards??  Yeah, right! Come On! I didn't even watch the thing. BORING!! Now what I did do, was check out what the celebs were wearing for the night *of course*.  

Now,  after looking through tons of pictures from the red carpet and coming across tons of ugly gowns, I finally found my 3 1/2 favorite dresses. The gowns I chose were ones that I thought looked different, fashionably sexy, contemporary, and I could picture myself possibly wearing it. There were other dresses that were fabulous, but they looked so original to me and boring.  Anyway, check out my picks...........

Just absolutely Fabulous!This dress was my favorite! J-lo did her thang!! My only issue was her hair. I wasn't too keen on it.
Love this dress. It reminds me so much of what Charlotte wore in "Sex In the City" for Carrie's wedding. Loved it!!

FAB! Lea Michele!

First off, I absolutely love the Bohemian look on Nicole. She always pulls it off very well. And as for her eye makeup absolutely flawless. LOVE IT ALL!!

Love the back of this dress also!!

Now, this is Demi Moore's dress from behind. I love the back of this dress and the color! Marvelous! However, I didn't like the front so much.


  1. I agree, J-Lo's dress was stunning! Did you check out the black dress she wore after the Oscars? Wowzers!

    The black one on Lea is nice too! Hey, did you know that I want Charlotte's dress for SATC I to be my wedding dress!?

  2. Yeah, I saw the black one too, LOVED IT!!

    Really?? Charlotte's dress as your wedding dress.. Hmmm........okay......I mean I could see that possibly working. LOL!! Or better yet if the dress was in white, now that would be really cute right?

  3. I love J-Lo's dress and Nicoles too.

  4. I know right!! They are both very cute!!

  5. Oh yeah, I forgot the dress is black. Hmph, you can tell mine will be unconventional/non-traditional wedding, huh? Hehe!

  6. Yeah, it will!! It shall be an interesting wedding. lol!