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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To have and to hold from this day forward......

The weekend before last, I received my Valentine's gift from Alex, a dress and plane ticket up north for a wedding in Long Island, New York. Not seeing each other for three months felt like an eternity. We had a great time. The wedding was very beautiful. It was held in Long Island at the Fox Hollow Hotel. Man, the rooms were really nice and the bed was super comfy. I loved it!!

I got a chance to meet some of Alex's family members. Loved them! I was finally able to put a face with the names that I hear about so often. Oh and get this............I found out  that the last name McKenzie (which is my family name, on my Nan's side) is in his family as well. AHHHHH!!!! Jesus, don't let us be related lol!!

Anyway, I didn't get to do much sight seeing while I was there, but on my ride to the Bronx I think I saw plenty while stuck in traffic for what felt like hours. After spending a couple of days in New York and Jersey , I flew back down here and Alex met me the following day and spent a week here in LR. Boy, didn't the week go by fast. Sheesh!! Before I knew it, it was time for him to go back. *sad face* Nevertheless, I enjoyed the time we spent together. Check out the pics below.

Bride with her mother

The groom and I
After racing to help Alex get ready for the wedding..........Wah Lah!!

The dress Alex picked out and bought from Arden. Loves it!!
Alex escorting one of the bridesmaids.

Alex and Groom
I love is height and he loves me in heels.
Alex's Aunt and Cousin
Heading to the Bronx or away........I can't remember
One of NYC's many bridges..
Alex and I were heading out for the night here in LR

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