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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tutorial on Perfect Eyebrows

Make a statement.........

I always get asked by people, how do I get my eyebrows to look, well, PERFECT! What do I use (L'oreals High Intensity Pigment Color)? How can I achieve the same look (Watch my tutorial)? Where can I buy the product (Any drug store)? How much does it cost (about $11.00)? And the questions continue from there.......

So, today I decided to do a brief tutorial for you all. Now, I decided not to talk on the video, so watch for my written comments that pop up throughout the video. It's pretty much self explanatory.

Check out the pics and the video I've created down below. Enjoy!!


  1. I like the tutorial vid! Nice... Hehe, now I like putting eyeliner on before going out! Too bad it ran out though. I'm contemplating on buying some more. You know I like to go bare face. Now, I can say I own some makeup!

  2. Thanks G!! Yeah, I love the eyeliner on you. It enhances the beauty. Maybe, I will do a tutorial on putting on eyeliner. hmmm!!