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Monday, July 12, 2010

Smooth Off....

Loving this commercial!!  Good job creative team and Diddy and Aziz for playing your parts so well. Creativity such as this, reminds me how much I love the creative work people put into advertising and marketing. It makes me feel so inspired!!


  1. Aziz is hilarious! Did you watch the vid he has talking about the time he hung out w/ Kanye? He must've told that sorry in stand-up, Jimmy Kimmel, list goes on.

    Anyway, I see Diddy has a little concealer underneath the eyes...hmmm.

  2. Oops typos! "Story" I mean...

  3. Lol!! I know right. He is absolutely hilarious to me too. I love him!! I gotta re-watch it and check out Diddy's concealer lol!!