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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What’s Your Sexual Sweet Spot? (Enter the Dream Lover)

This is a re-post from this guys blog called "Naked With Socks On" it's an award-winning site. You gotta go check it out.  He touches on various topics from sex and relationships to music and entertainment to politics and technology. Not to mention,  his work has also appeared in Essence Magazine. 

Sorry fellas, this post will probably not interest you at all, but it's okay because it's not meant for you. Sorry! Lol! Read at your own discretion ladies......Enjoy!!! 



I could feel myself dragging as I walked into the house. My roommate, Darrius, was in the kitchen eating chips.

“Hey,” he said, nonchalantly.

“Hey, back,” I replied wearily, as I dragged my tired body up the stairs to my room without uttering another word.

Darrius and I were longtime buddies who shared a spot along the lakefront for over a year. His attributes were ones that many women would love…

Smooth, dark brown skin.

Big, strong hands, complimented by sculpted pecs, a narrow waist, succulent lips and a great ass…

He was undeniably attractive. Our relationship, however, was “agreeably platonic.”

Taking a long, refreshing shower with my favorite coconut and hibiscus body gel, I felt rejuvenated. As I wrapped my towel around myself, I watched myself in the bathroom mirror for a moment before heading back to my room. I closed the door behind me out of habit. It was our common courtesy Darrius and I shared with each other. No need for any obscene surprises.

Feeling relaxed, I slipped into my bed, clean and with absolutely nothing on. Sleeping in the nude was not an unusual occurrence for me due to our closed-door policy.

“What dream fantasy am I going to pull from my Rolodex tonight?” I thought to myself. “It has to be a rerun… I’m too tired to be creative.”

After a moment, I selected “The Man.”

“The Man” is a 5’11” male fantasy I created about a year ago after watching a neighbor-next-door adult movie with Darrius. He was dark brown and clean from head to toe—shaved head, groomed goatee, and long, strong fingers.

“The Man” was always a pleaser.

He wore the sexiest red Calvin Klein trunks and I needed his dick tonight.

I closed my eyes.

His exquisite scent announces his arrival. I can smell his natural essence before I even see, touch or taste him. It’s a combination of clean and male musk. I inhale deeply to drink him in.

The closer he got to the bed, the more intoxicating his scent became. I shift my body on the mattress as he places the weight of his right knee on the edge of the bed before positioning the rest of his body next to mine.

“The Man” was a man of few words.

He was all action.

I wiggled my toes in delight as he brushed his fingers over my soles, caressing them. Softly, he kissed each toe with his wet, soft lips, while his thumbs made tiny circles on my insoles. He was preparing to creep up my legs to explore my awaiting canyon.

I moaned, beckoning him to continue.

Surely, he could hear the tsunami that was creating a whirlwind between my legs.

Without a word, “The Man” lifted my left foot to his mouth. Tenderly, he sucked my toes…




I gasped in approval.

My feet were my sweet spot and he knew this. After ensuring that each toe on my left side received his undivided attention, he switched to the right foot with ease.

He placed my big toe into his mouth and began to suck…







I wasn’t ready for the sensation.

Just when I thought I was going to explode, he stopped and ran his tongue over the underside of my foot. The feel of his mouth against my skin made me want his tongue elsewhere.

“The Man” had skills.

I tried to remove my foot from his grasp, but his grip was too strong for me. He was on task and he aimed to please—from bottom to top. I tugged again and this time I got his attention. He released his hold and stared at me, lustfully.
His look let me know that he was in command and he would release my foot when he damn well pleased.

My hands clawed at the sheets.

“The Man” shifted gears and ran his tongue upward, along my left ankle. He lingered for a moment, making sure to caress the inner area. While gripping my calves, his tongue trailed up my left calf to the bend in my knee. He made tiny circles with the tip of his tongue as he simultaneously massaged my calves with his strong fingers.

“It would be rude to thrust my lust into his face, right?” I grinned.

He sensed my eagerness, but chose to let me squirm. He figured my right ankle and leg were jealous, so he turned his attention to my other side and retraced his steps. Rude or not, I scooted down in the bed and openly revealed my canyon.

The turmoil that was going on inside required a remedy.

Not to be swayed, he ignored my advance. I wanted him to lick me dry, but he had other plans.

Again, without a word, “The Man” looked up into my eyes. I smiled, straightened my legs and lifted my head from the pillow, looking down at him.


He slid up from his position and bent his head down to lick my wetness. His tongue made me shutter in delight.

Just as I was about to revel in my glory, he took his index finger, and explored the entrance to my love cave. He entered slowly, making sure that I could feel the grooves of his finger as it traced my walls.

I quivered at his touch.

I wanted to be eaten but this…



This felt…




His finger fully inside me, he slowly moved it in and out, making sure to massage my G-spot gingerly.

My hips synced to his rhythm and we began to make beautiful music.
Without warning, he took his middle finger and began to rub the bridge between my canyon and back door. The sensation of his fingers against my warm, wet walls were building up to a feverish crescendo.

I had to stop it now.

I wanted his body to envelope me…

Cover me…

Overtake me.

I wanted to be chest to breast with my legs circling his waist, while I sucked his lips, neck and nipples and he reciprocated.

Reluctantly, I stopped moving my hips and tweaked his nipple with my hand, pulling upward to indicate my intent. He slowly removed his finger out of my canal, stopped rubbing my bridge, and glided up my body.

Once face-to-face, I outlined his mouth with my tongue.

He parted his lips ever so slightly, allowing me to slip my tongue into his hot, waiting mouth. Our tongues met and began a slow grind…

Sliding, up and down…

Exploring, every nook and cranny.

The dance suddenly became a wild tango. I could tell by the growing bulge in his trunks that “he was at full attention and sought entrance into my canyon.

“The Man” removed his trunks in one swift motion—releasing the dick that I had been longing for. I acted as if I didn’t recognize his desire to now enter me as I remained focused on his tongue, but I could feel that he was determined to have his way with me. I took my left hand and found him.

He was hard as a rock and my hand was too small to encircle his dick’s circumference. I slowly ran my thumb over the underside, over the head and finally the tip. Then, I grasped the base, spread my legs and granted his admittance.

“The Man” removed my hand and held both hands above my head with his. He tried to enter me with little force, but to his surprise his access was halted. The gates to heaven had not been opened in a while so someone of his size would require a little work on his part.

He tried again.

Though well lubricated, my gates would not relent.

He kept my hands above my head with his left hand and took his right hand to assist. I could feel his hand as he took his dick and placed it directly at the rim of my entrance.

This time…

He was triumphant.

“The Man” was packing and I had to shift my hips to accept him. He absolutely engulfed me and it felt amazing in spite of my space limitations. Realizing my restrictions, “The Man” began a slow, methodical stroke.


And out.


And around.

He moved; making sure I received his full attention.

Electricity ran through my entire body as he moved up and down, gently touching my spot and then back down again.

“The Man” kissed my forehead.

My eyelids.

My neck.

My lips.

He slipped his tongue into my ear and pinned me down so that my squirming would not interfere with his rhythm.

He lifted my ass and delivered short, deliberate strokes—back and forth. He hit my G-spot each time while toying with my back door with his little finger.

“The Man” was going to make me cum and he was leaving no orifice unattended.
After the combination of caressing my G-spot, tonguing my ear, and fingering my ass, my toes curled, my back arched and I quivered in a great orgasmic response.


My alarm clock flashed, at the unwelcome hour of 6am.

“Already?” I grumbled. “I’m still exhausted.”

I slowly rose to get my bearings. My sheets were a little rumpled and damp from last night’s excitement.

“Wow, that was some vivid fantasy,” I thought to myself. But I shouldn’t be all that surprised, as “The Man” never disappoints.

Still flushed with excitement, I stood up to adorn my robe before making my morning coffee. As I covered myself, I noticed that my door was ajar and I could see across the hall into Darrius’ bedroom. He was sprawled across his bed snoring in his red Calvin Klein trunks.

The End!

So, could you have a roommate of the opposite sex that you were attracted to...........

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