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Saturday, August 20, 2011

1-2-3 Cheese!!

As promised, here are a few pics from my trip.

Baltimore Harbor

Driving down to the Baltimore Harbor.

It was really pretty at the Baltimore Harbor, but I heard you don't want to get caught down there at night.
This is the National Harbor in D.C/ Maryland. Now, this Harbor was really nice. I could definitely picture my wedding being here. It was beautiful.
My friend Tee is super super adventurous and is down for trying a lot of things at least once. Now, she knows I'm not an outdoorsy kinda chic, so she planned for us to do something indoors, but of course it was just as wild. Yep, Fish Therapy at Yvonne's Day Spa, in Alexandria, VA. Talk about an experience of a lifetime.

Gaylord National Resort Hotel and Convention Center in National Harbor, MD

Outside the Gaylord National Resort Hotel. Picturesque!!

This night we went to a rooftop party in D.C., at the Terrell Building. Very Classy affair.

Tee and I posing inside the hotel.

Me, G, and Tee

National Harbor


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