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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Legend Gone Too Soon

While searching youtube, to unearth my three favorite songs sang by Whitney Houston each one took me back to a distant memory. 

It's amazing what songs can do......

I remember like yesterday.

9th grade.

Choir room. 

Rainy day.

My choir teacher announced we were going to be singing "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" as one of our last performances for the year. He chose me to be the lead singer and I chickened out and told him "Noooo way, please choose someone else!!".

I recall the moment I heard "My Love is Your Love"

My mom and step-dad at that time were away on a weekend trip to Florida. My brother and I had to spend that weekend with my Aunt. I remember hearing "My Love is Your Love" playing downstairs in the kitchen. I instantly fell in love with the song.

Later that weekend, when my mom returned she asked "Have you heard that song by Whitney Houston? In Florida they are playing the reggae version to the song and people are going crazy over it. I've got to get it!"

"Million Dollar Bill" takes me back to Japan. I was watching "Good Morning America" when Whitney performed the song. I secretly waited for her to mess up. No one had heard from her in years. She ended up dong a pretty good job - a little breathy, but overall I enjoyed her performance. I was sold. I even blogged about it  (see post here).

Whitney, you will be FOREVER missed!!

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