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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Are My Feet Not Good Enough?

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely love shoes, makeup and purses?? Oh my gosh, I don't need clothes just a wicked pair of shoes, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipliner, lipstick and a purse and I am straight! As far back as I can remember, shoes have always been my "thing". I LOVE THEM!! Depending on the shoe, I can feel super sexy, confident, different, weird, mischievous, or even model-ish. I know right.....who knew shoes could do all of that.

For me, shoes take on a life of its own once they are on my feet. Weird? Yes, I know!! Let me be clear though, I am not too fond of tennis shoes. Yes, there are nice ones out there, but just not for me. If you do catch me in a pair of tennis shoes, they usually aren't your typical Air Force Ones or Jordans. I usually go for the ones no one else likes, but hey that's just me. Let's just say, when it comes to shoes give me some HEELS and I am good to go!

Anyway enough of that, the reason for this post is because today I got to thinking how it would feel to slip my feet into a pair of $900.00 Christain Loubintin (Lou-boo-tahn) shoes or even a pair of $1200.00 Rupert Sanderson shoes. I wonder would I feel a difference in the quality? I wonder would I be able to walk in them all day? Man, what I would do for a pair!! Both of these designers shoe's are shown on the most glamorous feet, but what about mine?? Geeez!! I wish I had a pair. Maybe one day, I will build up the courage to splurge on a pair. Yep, Maybe One Day!! Until then, I will just keep Clinkity Clanking in my affordable sexy BCBG's or whatever looks good!

Oh the beauty........................

Christian Loubintin 455.00 pounds
He said his shoes are "timeless not trendy". I couldn't agree more!!
Rupert Sanderson 602.00 pounds

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