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Sunday, June 28, 2009

No Case of the Monday's for Me!

I open my eyes and it's 7a.m. here in Japan. I roll over and take a deep breath and stretch and roll a few more times. I get up and put my feet on the ground and look at myself in the mirror. Wipe my eyes and raise my hands high and stretch again. Ahhh, what am I going to do today??

First things first, I open the curtains to get a look at my day. YAY, IT'S NOT RAINING ANYMORE!! The sun is radiating through the curtains waiting to shine into the bedroom. I open all the windows and feel the cool breeze brushing across my face. The birds are chirping and I hear a plane flying overhead (I wish I was flying somewhere).

Nevertheless, I think to myself, YIPPEE!! I have no work this week. I go downstairs make myself a nice hot cup of English tea and take out my new InStyle Magazine to read. Before I open my magazine, I close my eyes once more, smile, and take in a deep breath and thank God for life and sunny mornings.

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