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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Me?? Go Where?? Are You Serious?? Oh Geez!!

Unfortunately, today is a rainy day. I haven't really felt like doing much of anything (this includes hanging out with my boss). Rainy days always make me feel blah and lazy!! Also, according to my co-workers, it's still springtime (Are you serious?) here in Japan and I am on Spring Break Vacation (ahahaha WTH!!). Seriously though, it's not considered summertime here until the end of July, so it has been raining every other day (May showers in freaking June & July). Arrrgh!! I usually like rainy days, but not consistently!!

Anyway, I am typing this post before I leave out today. My boss has been trying to do something with me and a few other co-workers and Alex for the last week and a half, so I finally gave in and said "okay". WHO TOLD ME TO SAY OKAY??

At 7:30 tonight, I am going out to eat in Tachikawa and later to an Okama Bar (An okama bar is one where the staff are predominantly male, cross dressing homosexuals) to see a drag show called Amon !! ARE YOU SERIOUS?? WOW!!! I will leave you with that much! WOOO HOOO!! This shall be interesting and fun!!

PICS COMING SOON! Click here to see site


  1. Yeaaah, sooo (in Patti's voice) Alex is attending the Amon drag show? Ummm, yeah. Heheheh...if so I wish I could have seen his FACE!

  2. lmao!! Why didn't he believe me when I told him we were going there. It wasn't until my co-workers were like "KMD isn't lying Alex" lol!! It was so funny!