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Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer School

This week summer school began. Talk about BUSY!! Actually, when I really think back on it, it wasn't that bad. I got off from work early everyday and so that was good. After work, I would go out for drinks with my co-workers.. We went to some really nice restaurants to talk and bitch about work and of course we had some laughs in between. Good Times!!

My Week Long of Summer School Events:

*I fail down at the train station and busted my knee. I cried buckets and Alex had to come and rescue me.*

* My boss wanted everyone to walk to the see the stage for Saturday's events and I told her I wasn't walking in the heat to go ANYWHERE and everyone's jaw dropped. lol!*

* One of the little girls in my class had a bad attitude, so guess what? She got put back in here place. NO BITCHASSNESS IN MY CLASS LOL!*

*The kids thought it would be funny to put a PRAYING MANTIS on TEACHER KMD'S BUTT (without me knowing) and of course pictures were taken.

*My boss squeezed my boobs and told me she wished hers were this big.*

*It was hot as hell all week long*

*I got a lap dance on a bike*

Let's see... I think that just about concludes my week long full of events.

The freaking Praying Mantis! lol!!
One of the restaurants we went too. It was sooo nice!
Another one of the restaurants
And another
A guy we came across that would pray for you, if you paid him. Ahahaha!! Yeah Right!
Some of the girls from Summer School
The kids got to go swimming this day and loved it! Do you remember those days? One of my classes
This day, I had the kids blind folded and they had to guess what they were eating. After we finished the activity, the kids wanted more.....


  1. Ahhh...you look so young in the last pic.

  2. ahahaha! You think so? It's the little t'shirt im wearing. I hate it!!