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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nothing Can Stop Me...

These past few days I have been, well, kind of sick. I lost my voice on Thursday and I was literally down to a whisper. I didn't go to work that day and tried every remedy under the sun to make it come back. However, nothing seemed to work. That is until, I remembered one of my grandma's remendies. Yep, I had some Jamaican Rum (Joncrow Batty), lemon, and honey and guess what..............IT WORKED!! I was up and running in no time lol!! Anyway, with all of that being said, I felt well enough to go out this weekend and paint the town red with my friends. GOOD TIMES!!

Pics below....

It's time to roll out... Say Cheese!My friend getting hit on outside TGI-FRIDAYAhhhh!!Click!! Click!!Smooches!! My 2 Good Friends here in Japan The journey back home on the train at 5:30a.m can we say TIRED!!

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