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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 All Star Weekend

So, this past weekend my best-friend and I went to Dallas for the All Star Weekend. This was our first time going to this event and we had a blast!! We stayed in one of the nicest hotels in Dallas "The Westin" the one attached to the Galleria. I'm sooo glad we decided to stay there because we bumped into tons of celebs. All of whom were really nice, with the exception of Rhianna's boyfriend Matt Kemp who was very rude. I asked him would he take a picture with us, and he replied with a very snide remark as to why he couldn't......Can we say A$hole!! I mean he clearly didn't know who I was.......lol!!!

We also saw some other celebs, when we attended Russell Simmon's Party, but they were in V.I.P. and we were not about to pay V.I.P money just to take a picture with them lol!! Nevertheless, we had a great time and I look forward to doing this again next year. I think our next trip will be to the Essence Music Festival in July. Anyway, until next time......check out my pics below…………ENJOY!!

Our room, after we got settled in there.................messy I know! LOL!
On our way to the All Star Rookie Game @ the American Airlines Stadium. We got there late and missed a lot of the game.......Darn!! Oh but wait... I'm not a sports fan anyway lol. No skin off my bones lol!!
Grand Lux Cafe....Very nice restaurant in the Galleria.
Bestie and I stopping for a Kodak moment after the Rookie game.

Russell Simmon's Party @ the Starlight Room. It was soo packed!!
Trying to keep it fashionably sexy!!
Rookie Game!!
Us with Rickey Smiley, in hotel lobby!!
Us with Dj Kid Capri.........I was watching the Kardashian's last night and he was the Dj @ Khloe's wedding.........NEAT-O
Paul Wall!!

Us with Torri Hunter a Major League Baseball outfielder for the Los Angeles Angels


  1. Dang, the memories... I miss it already!

  2. I know right.........gotta do it again next year.