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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Miss you too!!

On Sunday, one of my good friends from Japan got married. I wish I was there. *sad face* She and her husband were even willing to pay for me to fly out for the wedding. I know right!! However, I thought by now, I would have been working, so I turned down their offer. DANG!! I miss them all very much. We all use to have so much fun together. Nevertheless, Alex went and represented for the both of us. He said it was really nice.

Now, just to give you some background information on Japanese weddings, they aren't like Western weddings. They do it B.I.G! As a guest…… YOU. NEED. MONEY!! Because when you attend a Japanese wedding, you are expected to bring an Oshugi, a cash gift for the couple. And I ain’t talkin bout twinny dollas or fiddy dollas lol!!. I’m talkin bout as much as 900.00 dollas fo a couple (i.e.,  Alex and I) and dependin on yo relationship wit da bride and groom it could be mo. Lol!!

Nevertheless, while it may be costly to attend a Japanese wedding, they do make sure no one leaves empty handed. Each guest receives a very nice gift from the bride and groom, that is usually pricey (e.g., a locket or cuff-links from Tiffany’s *just depends*). Also during this time, games are played and prizes are given away. At my friend’s wedding, some of the prizes included: a flat screen TV, a digital camera and more.

Another tradition is for the bride to have several dress changes throughout the day. For instance, my friend had three dress changes. She wore a traditional white wedding dress, a kimono, and later a red evening gown for the receptions. Note the “s” on receptions. Yep, they had 3 receptions. I told you they do it B.I.G!!

In any case, Alex said I was super missed at the wedding by him and all my friends. *sigh.* So of course he had to get it on camera. AWE!! Check it out!


  1. Wow, that was so nice of them! I know how much you miss it. Hopefully, you'll return or maybe visit soon. Nice...

  2. I know right!! My thoughts exactly!