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Saturday, March 13, 2010


This video is H.O.T!! I love it!!

It's very rare that I end up loving a music video, but this one was sooo creative. I love all the colors used and the visual effects *the twitching*. And of course, I had to checkout what Beyonce and Gaga were wearing throughout the video. So, checkout my breakdown of things I loved......

  • Loved- Lady Gaga's big shouldered prison striped dress in the beginning.
  • Loved- The gloves Gaga is wearing throughout most of the jail scene, but you can see it best when she is released from prison.
  • Loved- Beyonce's banana yellow and black eyeshadow when she is at the cafe.

Anyway, I'm finished rambling...........check out the video and don't forget to pay attention to the makeup/clothes/shoes/ hair etc. ENJOY!!

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