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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's up with "What's up?"

A few days ago, a close friend of mine kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Okay, first off, he is NOT the only guy I know that does this. However, he is the only one to make headliner for my post today. Now, I'm not angry, it's just that when this happens, I get somewhat, (looking up as if the word is going to magically appear from the ceiling) Errrrr ummm…… Oh yes, that's it--Agitated!! 

Okay so here's what happened……….

Me- Sipping on my afternoon tea, eating Digestive Biscuits and listening to the sounds of smooth jazz in the background, I placed my delicate porcelain teacup down and picked up the phone to call my friend. (Phone rings about 5x's) I begin to think maybe he isn't going to answer.

Guy Friend (Finally answers phone) - With bass in his voice, he says….."WHAT'S UP?"
As if he is asking me "What do you want?".  You know how you can tell if someone is smiling on the other end of the phone- well there was no smile with his"WHAT'S UP?".

Me (Jerks neck back and looks at the phone) - Now, placing much emphasis on the "O". I say………. "Umm….. HellO?!?" I pause. Waiting on my guy friend to correct himself.

Guy Friend- "Yeah, what's up?"

Me- (squinting my eyes, clinching my teeth, moving my head from left to right and mouthing "Oh no he didn't") So, I attempt to give him another chance, but this time I say it with more attitude. "I said Hell-O??"

Guy Friend- As if he is getting frustrated, responds louder with……"YEAH!!"


Now, if you know me, you can pretty much figure out how this conversation ended. Let's just say, I will be addressed with the proper salutations next time! 

Seriously though, I hate when guys answer the phone with "What's up?" and address me as though I am one of their homeboys. What ever happened to "Hello Insert Name" "Hi  Insert Name" "Hey  Insert Name" or even "Hey whats up  Insert Name". 

When did just a plain ole "What's Up?" become acceptable to use when talking to your lady friends? 

Geeeezzz Fellas!!


  1. O.M.G. (Jamar's voice)! I totally understand! Sometimes I think they're around someone (or plural), that's why they do it or they're just acting all hard for no reason whatsoever.

    To me, they must go through training. If one girl allows it, it's acceptable & other women have to deal w/ that crap. We must train them to do better. I agree, "Oh No He Didn't!" lol...

  2. Lmao @ (O.M.G in Jamar's voice)!! You know what, you are exactly right. Training is a must!! Because this isn't gonna fly, for real!!