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Thursday, October 7, 2010


While surfing the web today, I came across this article and found it to be very interesting. It's about high status behavior. After reading the article, I concluded that I have some high-status behavioral traits. Hehehehe!! Don't judge me lol!! Anyway, let me know what your thoughts are, after you read it.

Here's some questions to ponder.......Do you have any high status behavior tendencies? Do you know anyone with high status behavior? Do you think if you are of a higher status you should act this way?  What else would you add to the list? How do you feel about #6 (have you done that before)? What numbers do you fall under?

High-status behaviors

  1. When walking, assuming that other people will get out of your path.
  2. Making eye contact while speaking.
  3. Not checking the other person's eyes for a reaction to what you said.
  4. Having no visible reaction to what the other person said. (Imagine saying something to a typical Clint Eastwood character. You say something expecting a reaction, and you get--nothing.)
  5. Speaking in complete sentences.
  6. Interrupting before you know what you are going to say.
  7. Spreading out your body to full comfort. Taking up a lot of space with your body.
  8. Looking at the other person with your eyes somewhat down (head tilted back a bit to make this work), creating the feeling that you are a parent talking to a child.
  9. Talking matter-of-factly about things that the other person finds displeasing or offensive.
  10. Letting your body be vulnerable, exposing your neck and torso to the other person.
  11. Moving comfortably and gracefully.
  12. Keeping your hands away from your face.
  13. Speaking authoritatively, with certainty.
  14. Making decisions for a group; taking responsibility.
  15. Giving or withholding permission.
  16. Evaluating other people's work.
  17. Speaking cryptically, not adjusting your speech to be easily understood by the other person (except that mumbling does not count). E.g. saying, "Chomper not right" with no explanation of what you mean or what you want the other person to do.
  18. Being surrounded by an entourage, especially of people who are physically smaller than you.
  19. A "high-status specialist" conveys in every word and gesture, "Don't come near me, I bite."

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