I just ran across this information about Sagittarians and I found it to be super interesting and not to mention, soooooo TRUE!! Wow!! It's crazy because I was just talking to my BF about some of this stuff without even realizing it's because I'm a Sagittarius!! Lol!! Anyway, this is a MUST READ!!

Do’s and Don’t’s when with a Sagittarius

If you know someone who’s a Sagittarius, and you find it hard to deal with them, you might want to read on to understand why they behave the way they do and how you should “play” along. But if you’re a Sagittarius yourself, well, there’s no need to be all defensive if you find some strange facts about who you really are because we will plainly lay down these cards for you to ponder on.

What we have here are guidelines for a harmonious relationship with a Sagittarius. These are the simple Do’s and Dont’s that we have to remember when faced with a Sagittarius’ company:

*DON’T be boring. Sagittarius people have wide ranging minds that could burst without warning. They are great conversationalists and they could talk for hours -without any of your input in the conversation –and still go on without batting a lash. You really don’t want to just stay still and hear them chitchat away because at some point, their overwhelming brilliance could render you witless.

*DO think extremes. When you’re stuck in an island with a Sagittarius, not that that happens often, don’t expect him/her to sulk in a corner. They dislike being idle and all they could ever think of is how on Earth they could spend every single second of their lives using their curiosity to answer all the questions that they may happen to have in their restless minds.

*DON’T hold them on a leash. Sagittarians are everything but clingy. They tend to live quite peacefully, going about their own business even without someone they’d depend on. Sagittarius people are very independent and would not tolerate restriction. In a relationship, if you just try to dominate them in any
way, they would easily let go of you and worse, will not think twice about broadcasting to other people the kind of person you were when you’re still together. Imagine restraining a mutt struggling to get to a hot and juicy bone. You will get dragged along, but a Sagittarius won’t really care as long as they are in control.

*DO accept Sagittarius people the way they are. Yes, they’re mighty upbeat and quick thinkers and all that jazz. They’d even “unconsciously brag” how awesome they are but you must not take it all too personal. Besides, all Sagittarians always dig much deeper in search for logical (not necessarily sane)
explanation to almost everything that stirs up their gray matter. The ultimate lesson here is to ride their wagon with ease and enjoy their endless enthusiasm for life!