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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Not that you care....

I really didn't do much this past week, other than work. I did however, go to the the library and picked up some really interesting books. Two of which I have already started so now, I am currently reading FOUR different books. As a rule, I usually read one book at a time. Wait. This makes me think of another silly rule I have for myself.

Eating Foods Separately!

Dun Dun Duuuuuunnnn!!

Yes, I have a weird side. I will NOT eat my burger and fries together. I JUST CAN'T. I WON'T. I make sure I eat all of my fries first and then I eat my burger/nuggets next, it always stays in this order. Oh and I never, ever take sips of my drink during this time, unless I'm choking. Drinking is the last step in my process. Madness, right? Hold up. It's not as bad as you think. It's usually only with combo meals that I practice this method. No other meals, but I digress. 

I digress a lot actually. 

Do you find yourself thinking of one thing and before you know it that one thought has led to a million other thoughts. I swear it always happens to me. Don't let me get started on how I originally logged onto this computer to update my resume. Next thing, I'm BLOGGING instead of doing what I originally set out to do. I remember when I was in elementary and report cards would go out and I would ALWAYS get an "N"  for "Needs Improvement on Staying on Task". Man, those teachers were clearly onto something. Oh, but I digress, AGAIN!

Hmm, where was I?

Let's see, I also went and got my hair done on Thursday. If you haven't been keeping up with my blog, I am currently on a hair journey. My goal is to reach bra strap length. Despite a few minor setbacks, I am slowly but surely seeing results. Part of my journey includes thickening up my hair, so I haven't had a perm since June and will not be getting one until the end of November. Wowzers!! Right!! I realized I'm not addicted to "The Creamy Crack" as I thought. The perm I get in November will be my 3rd perm for the year. Yay for me!! Next year, my goal is to only have two perms for the entire year. Wish Me Luck!! It's all about keeping that line of demarcation soft and trust me you can do it. Next year this time I should definitely *fingers crossed* be at bra strap length.

Anyway, I'm going to end this rant here. I'm feeling sleepy. 

Au Revoir!!!

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