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Friday, November 14, 2008

8:57p.m. Touch Down

I've made it.

I'm in Korea.

Well, I can say I have already begun to notice the extreme difference between the Japanese and Koreans. Can we say Aggressive Hustlers!! The Korean's don't play about trying to get your money. Immediately after exiting the airport, I instantly felt the need to clench my purse closer to me. Pretty bad huh? I know!! I'm not sure what it was really, maybe the aggressiveness of the locals had me tripping. They were all up in my face, wham! “Come!! Come!! I give you ride to hotel in my taxi, pretty lady!” UGH!! Every turn I made a Korean was right there, literally. Grrrrrr!! I guess times are hard for everybody, but Dang Give Me Some Freaking Space!!

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