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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Time Waits For No One!

Yesterday, I realized I couldn't have named my blog anything else but the “Days of MY Life”. Geeeez!! Talk about a long day full of dead ends..... It all began yesterday morning when my boyfriend "Alex" and I were SUPPOSE to be leaving for Korea, for a few days. We got everything ready from the night before and the only thing left for us to do, was get to the airport on TIME!! Well, let’s just say NOTHING WENT ACCORDING TO PLAN!
Let's see where shall I start.................

First, we missed the 1:00p.m bus that would have taken us to Narita Airport, which is 2 hours a way. So, what did we end up doing?? Taking the over crowded train all the way too the Airport. NEVER AGAIN!!
Talk about clostro phobia!!!
Three hours later, after switching trains countless times, we arrived at the airport with our oversized suitcases! Ugh!! We make it to the check-in counter, only to discover we were too late!! The doors of the plane were closed!! "Alex" was pissed!! Oddly I wasn't. My only thought was "this day can't get any worst".

In the end, we had to travel all the waaaay back home, but this time by bus.....Only to do it all over again Today!!

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